Urban Garden Zone 5B, Toronto, Canada

Welcome to our zone 5 food forest/cottage garden/backyard orchard inspired 1,000 square feet garden. We share practical gardening approaches, challenges and solutions. The Toronto COVID lockdown (2020-2021) shed light on the city food supply chain's vulnerability. It was alarming when every supermarket had empty shelves: no beans, no Tylenol, no Lysol, no toilet paper. I hope to show you that you can grow food in your yard, regardless of its size. By growing our own food, we nourish our family and friends with pesticide and chemical free food. We reduce packaging waste to the landfill and limit our carbon foot print (for example, pollution from shipping a product from one country to you). By getting rid of the grass lawn, a biodiverse space could be created that supports the native wildlife.

This project was inspired by my mother, who proved to us that it is possible from wheelchair bound to reach her summit step by step. May the Lord bless you with lots of abundance and joy!